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Sandra Ayala 25 julio 2016

I'm very satisfy with the result. Thank you so much.

Nityanand J. Agrawal 25 julio 2016

It is a great concept. We just tested it. Will try for the real company. Thanks.

Alex Boulton 08 julio 2016

My logo for my youtube channel worked really well, thank you! Yours sincerly.

Kumar 05 julio 2016

Thank you very much for your feedback and continued support. LOGASTER does a superb job at a fraction of the cost.

Phạm Đức Anh 07 junio 2016

I'm glad because i found your site, I think it very good.Thank you very much. This time i thinking about a new logo for my site and i very hope get your help. Thank you. Best Regards.

Chris Baker 06 junio 2016

I just want to start by saying i really love the service you offer in helping to create a logo.

Elgun F. Khalilzade 27 mayo 2016

Your services is very best and useful for the work. If i need new designs i will pay for you service again.

Manajer Berkas 23 mayo 2016

I like the logo of Logaster, it easy and simple, but still cool. The service provided nice, and when my friend saw the logo they liked it. Nice work.

Nasser Arab 19 mayo 2016

Your answer was more then helpful, thanks a lot !!!! I am very happy to use the logo for my site. I definitely will recommend you !!!

Samira 07 abril 2016

I'd like to thank you for your service, I was very satisfied and i would insure you that I will probably reuse Logaster service for my next project. I found it very complete for a free service. Thank you a lot.

Claire 17 marzo 2016

Yes, so far very satisfied thanks. Best logos I have found at that price and great customer service. Thanks!

Виталий 16 marzo 2016

Спасибо за понимание и быстрое решение, приятно работать с компетентными людьми. Процветания вашему проекту!

Winstone Yacob 15 febrero 2016

I was used the logo for free on my website yet it's look so cool, easy to design, and over all it is worth to be used on web design and company logo as well. Thank you logaster for your support.

Kerstin 04 febrero 2016

I really appreciate your support in activating the new logo. I very much like your service, it was so easy to create a logo and a real help for start ups with no or low budget to spend on expensive advertising and design agencies :-) A really exciting tool!

Riaan 11 enero 2016

Absolutely loved the ease with which I could create and export a logo. Well done! I only wished I found you earlier :)

Yalond Hooks 04 enero 2016

I am very happy with the logo I created and branding kit! I saved money by doing it myself and got just what I wanted after looking at two other sites and being disappointed with the logos provided! Thank you guys!

Sean 30 diciembre 2015

Thanks very much for the information. Glad to see you guys are on top of your support and respond quickly :)

Elena 30 diciembre 2015

Thank you! Completely satisfied! I will recommend your website!

Anggditha Setiadiharja 21 diciembre 2015

I very like this logo thanks for easy create logo. This application is very simple! Thank you very much!

Magdalena Isan 20 noviembre 2015

I created this logo for my husband's start-up and I was in awe that he loved it, because he is very picky in matters of aesthetics! I think I will get this logo for him. Also, I need a logo for another company and I am on my way to create it. It is for a small wooden toys workshop.